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DreamElectric Projects with various artists – Check out this wild combination of electro dance music with heavy guitar distortions!

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Are you ready for the Electric Experience? The DreamElectric Show – Live & Loud performances across the country\’s night clubs and more…

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About Dreamelectric

"the best musical style ever made”

“Dream Electric” was formed on October 2002. It is a small ensemble of only two members, Alexander Selinger (guitarist and song writer) and Guy Levin (manager and music producer). Together they created a new music style – ELECTROCK music. The idea of combining a leading electric guitar, with an electronic music background (such as house and trance music) came to be completely by chance, when the group’s guitarist, Alexander Selinger, improvised a solo on his guitar to the sound of a widely famous house track played by his friend. Since that moment everything became possible. Dream electric has performed in almost every club and discotheque around the country, appeared on television and played on the radio.

  • only live music!

DreamElectric are:

Alexander Selinger

Guitarist, Performer and Music Creator

Guy Levin

Manager & Producer

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