October 8, 2012

About Us

“A combination of electronic music with the sound of an electric guitar – the best musical style ever made”.



“Dream Electric” was formed on October 2002. It is a small ensemble of only two members, Alexander Selinger (guitarist and song writer) and Guy Levin (manager and music producer). Together they created a new music style – ELECTROCK music. The idea of combining a leading electric guitar, with an electronic music background (such as house and trance music) came to be completely by chance, when the group’s guitarist, Alexander Selinger, improvised a solo on his guitar to the sound of a widely famous house track played by his friend. Since that moment everything became possible. Dream electric has performed in almost every club and discotheque around the country, appeared on television and played on the radio.



Alexander Selinger:

Alexander is a 30 years old musician. He began his musical career when he was only six years old and learned to play the violin. After the immigration to Israel, he took piano lessons and at the age of 14 had discovered his true love – the guitar. He was taught by a famous guitarist named Garry Gold. Alexander’s love to classical rock music and blues is clearly reflected in his playing as well as in his song writing. He was well familiar with the stage life from the age of 16, since then he has played the guitar in a young rock group. When he was drafted to the IDF he had to quit the stage life, however he kept participating in jam sessions in pubs and rock clubs. Selinger’s army service hasn’t driven away his love towards the guitar and stage life. Despite various difficulties serving the army didn’t prevent him from being a full time guitarist in “Dream Electric”.

(B.Sci: “Hebrew university”, business faculty.)



Guy Levin:

The man behind “Dream electric”:  A 30 years old manager, who devotes all of his time to promote “Dream Electric”. According to Alexander: “without Guy, Dream Electric wouldn’t exist.” Guy Levin is the official manager of “Dream Electric” he is in charge of publishing and promoting the band as well as making sure that everything runs smoothly. This isn’t Guy’s first experience as a manager. In his past he had promoted several companies. Guy is not the compromising type, and with his help “Dream Electric” has been heard in clubs all over the country and even made several appearances on the radio and television. But this is far from being the limit of his ambitions; Guy intends to make “Dream Electric” a well known name throughout the country and eventually the world.

“I will not rest until we take over the world…” says Guy with a cunning smile on his face.

(B.A – Derby University, business faculty)


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