October 15, 2012


2013 – Unsatisfied

dreamelectric - unsatisfiedUnsatisfied of the musical trends that conquered the net, DreamElectric brings the good heavy guitar riffs back to life.
This first Electro Rock music track opens the year of 2013 with a clear announcement – “We are unsatisfied! We want Rock!”

Check out the new video!

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2012 – DreamElectric feat. Lana B. – DANCE!

Dance on my bed! She shouts and makes a promise – this time it’s gonna happen, they will dance until the morning breaks, but only if he’ll play that song. Finally, two giants combine forces in a unique project and bring us the revolutionary hit single – “DANCE!”
DreamElectric – The guitar and distortion monster, united with the international dance megastar Lana B. makes us taste the summer much sooner than we thought.
With the rising of sun, sea and sand atmosphere, while her beauty reflects gently on his guitar, we all dance until the morning to the sounds that we just can’t stop listen to.
Me myself can’t stop playing it all over again since the first moment I heard it.

Wait until you’ll see the video clip… and as for now, listen him dance on her bed right here.


2012 – This is My House – DreamElectric and Friends

Over 40,000 views in less than a month! A video release of the track where DreamElectric passes the guitar to his friends and ejoys the party in the house. A good mood funny video with lots of friends and pretty girls playing DreamElectrics’ guitar. Take a look!:-)

Special thanks to George AirBullet and all our Friends
Shot on Canon 5D mark2


2011 – End of Summer

The video that closed the summer parties season of 2011. One of the first tracks made together with the music producer Guy Levin, who also took part in the video clip (wait ’till you see him dance there… 🙂 ).
This track had an immediate success by going on a rotation as an “under” on a daily dance radio program on 100fm. Well done Guy, and thank you Hillel.



Here is the Video:

2010 – DreamElectric feat. Shay Suzana – LIAR!

DreamElectric joins forces with the incredible vocalist Shay Suzana in a new project! Both partners grew up on same music styles, which means there is no place for softness here.
Their mission is to bring the good rock back to the stage, and the sooner the batter. Together they recorded several songs and these days they are working on their new hit.
Here is one of their singles – LIAR! – a song they dedicated to all the girls that their boyfriend lied them.

stay tuned, ’cause there are more to come from those two…


2010 – Sex On My Mind – The Collection

The full hits collection of DreamElectric and various artists. Available for download here

Tracks list:

001 – LIAR! – =D=R=E=A=M= Electric_IgorKozak_DjAny_ClubMix – 128.mp3
002 – Shiko Aviance – Got the look (Deep Harmonic Remix 2010) – 128.mp3
003 – Resident – =D=R=E=A=M= Electric And Agness – www.dreamelectric.co.il – 132.mp3
005 – Don’t Take it Away – =D=R=E=A=M= Elecrtic and Anestazi – www.dreamelectric.co.il – 132.mp3
006 – Deep Harmonic Feat. Shiko Aviance – Im on fire (Club version) – 136.mp3
007 – Crystal Lake – Kmo Tfila (Radio Edit) – 140.mp3
008 – LIAR! – =D=R=E=A=M= Electric & Guy levin _Vocal – Tomer Raz – 128.MP3
009 – Lightning2010 =D=R=E=A=M= Electric And Marki Bass – www.dreamelectric.co.il – 140.mp3
010 – LIAR! – =D=R=E=A=M= Electric_IgorKozak_DjAny_RadioMix – 128.mp3
011 – Dj_Bosst_And_Mr_Hazed__Hong_Kong_City__ Rael_Borg_Remix – 130.mp3
012 – Dj_Bosst_&_Mr_Hazed   _ Hong_Kong_City__Fisio_Feelkhenson_Remix – 130.mp3
013 – Metallic Day =D=R=E=A=M= Electric with ElectroVision – www.dreamelectric.co.il – 145.mp3
014 – LIVE! =D=R=E=A=M= Electric vs Electro Vision – Phantom 2008 – 140.mp3
015 – =D=R=E=A=M= Electric & ANESTAZI  – Don’t take it away – www.dreamelectric.co.il.mp3
016 – Daft Noise – Andean Mission – 140.mp3
017 – Electro Vision and =D=R=E=A=M= Electric – Walky talky – 145.mp3
018 – Basic – Making Dreams – 140.mp3
019 – Deep South – Lysergic Explorer – 145.mp3
020 – D Tek – El  Santo Remix – 145.mp3
021 – DNA – Psyconnection – 146.mp3
022 – Aeon_Pulse – Energized – 145.mp3
023 – Ovnimoon – Sunset (Prahlad And Tulk Rmx) – 133.mp3
024 – Novelty – Borg – 143.mp3

Here is the link for download again – just click here


2007 – The National Anthem LIVE!

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock festival, DreamElectric made his own version of the Israeli national anthem – Hatikvah (The Hope – התקווה).

The emotional theme of the anthem, played in a heavy metal guitar style was shown on 4 stages at the same night! No one still cannot forget this crazy independence day, when people were cheering with national pride.

 2006 – DreamElectric & ElectroVision

Definitely the year of trance… the year when the heavy guitars finally met 145 bpm. This combination was one of the greatest through the years. A combination of good energies and lots of experimental music which made a breakthrough in trance music. Hours of recordings and a great vibes in the studio with Meir and Shay (ElectroVision) lead to energetic trance music with heavy metal guitar riffs and crazy solos.

Here is on of the tracks performed live on the discovery night life awards of Tel Aviv – a cover of The Phantom of the Opera.
More tracks of this outstanding projects is available for download at the “Our Music” section.




2003 (or 2004….) – The Love Parade

The first time on a big stage (a very big one) – live show on a top of a truck, moving in front of thousands of people from one side of a beach to another.

Live distortions shook the beach party around this parade.  It was loud, it was hot, but what’s sure it was FUN!



2003 – DreamElectric feat. Dj Arthur Project

dreamelectric - spaceThe first project where DreamElectric gathered with a dj to make an original track.

Dj Arthur, a young music producer (who later became a famous Israeli Dj at the Russian night life scene), took the mission of producing and arranging house tracks beneath the guitar playing of DreamElectric.

The result was energetic house music with melodically played guitar solos. The first of its kind music style, which lead to filming a music video and writing two more songs together.

Here is the video of their first track, filmed on a home video camera 🙂 includes parts from live shows an behind the scene funny moments.



2002 – The Beginning

The first show of DreamElectric took place in a small club in Tel Aviv. No one could imagine or foresee the impact it did on the crowd. The first guy ever who dared to play live guitar solos at a disco club…

It was a great way to combine to worlds. DreamElectric had a chance to play his favorite music style (hard rock and heavy metal) while people dance to the rhythm of club music.

Success didn’t late to come and the DreamElectric show was seen live all over the country with its new guitar show.

Wearing a tight leather suit and putting a black-star make up (inspired by “Kiss”), DreamElectric the one to spread the word – it’s time for a new sound, it’s the time for Electrock!

Here is the video of one of the first shows:

Special thanks to Dj George for advising at our first baby steps of the project.

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